Role: Strategy, fundraising, operation

🤔 What did you do before you came to Zetl?

Originally from the UK, I started my career in capital markets, focussed on asset backed lending at investment banks.

💻 Are you involved in any other ventures?

I have been investing in mainly fintech based startups for almost 10 years as an angel investor. I am a big advocate of the healthy impact they have had on legacy financial services for businesses and consumers alike.

☺️ Anything you’re proud of/achievements in your time so far here?

I am incredibly proud of the rockstar team we have at Zetl and their belief in ensuring our customers are successful with access to more inclusive financial products.

👏 Why did you decide to join Zetl?

We started Zetl to help finance an underbanked but growing part of APAC’s economies. Having seen the contrasts in banking in the UK (where fintech was born) - compared to that of Asia, I was excited about bringing better services to businesses in the region.